Dance For You

Sedusa Studios

The interior of Sedusa Studios, each student gets their own pole to practice on during a class.

For February my students requested that I revived the dance that I taught for December, Beyonce’s Dance For You. At Sedusa Studios where I teach, we often choreograph dances for Christmas
and Valentines day that would make the perfect romantic gift for that special someone. Normally
I choreograph the dances with my own movement, but upon seeing the Dance For You video, I just had to learn the dance (a feat in itself if you’ve ever tried to learn a routine from a music video!) and teach it to my students.

I’ve been teaching now at Sedusa for five years. Sedusa Studios is a pole-dancing studio that has
an all-female client base. The opportunity to work here presented itself after serendipitous meeting
of the owner, Carol, when I was working retail in San Jose. Having just moved up here with my then fiancé (now husband) after a six-year stint in Los Angeles, I told the owner that I had danced and taught classes down in L.A. and was looking for dance work up here.

Sedusa Students

Myself and two of my students getting ready for a showcase performance.

From this meeting, my Pussycat Doll Dance workout class was born. A fast-paced sexy dance workout that is inspired by pop-jazz and hip-hop movements, I often tell my girls that the class is more like
a dance club, going out with your girlfriends, rather than a traditional dance class. Five years later
I am lucky to have a loyal following of wonderful and inspiring women many of whom have become friends. Many of my students have never danced before and it is because of them, seeing the joy
in their faces when they discover and master the movement, that I decided to do my graphic design thesis on dance.

In a departure from our more provocative dances, for the past couple years I have been teaching Michael Jackson's Thriller to celebrate Halloween. These are a few students giving us their best zombie.

It can be tempting to write off Sedusa because it is a pole-dancing studio and with that come preconceived notions and judgements, but take one class and you’ll realize that there is something very sincere and worthwhile going on here. As Carol says, “We spin so fast during the day, taking
care of our families, of our jobs, our friends and whatever else it is in our life, we forget what it is like
to slow down. That’s what we do here at Sedusa, we slow down. We take the time to breath, relax, release—with no judgement—and just move.”

For more information about Sedusa and the classes offered please visit the website here. And of course I’d love to have you come dance with me! I teach on Monday nights at 6pm and 8pm in the Campbell studio. Hope to see you soon!


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