Dance Good

One of the most exciting things about developing a graphic design thesis is the process of discovery. I’ve had a very productive semester so far, revisiting my original creative brief and watching it evolve through research that helps me make insights about what form my project will eventually take. One of these realizations was that the title Let’s Get Physical and the look and feel that I initially began to explore, might not communicate the goals of my project as intended. The goal being to make dance more accessible to adults. The key word being dance.

At the onset, I didn’t want to include the word dance in the title of my project thinking that it would be a source of intimidation. But, what I found through my research was that the landscape for fitness has expanded to include a vast array of alternative exercise options, ranging from highly specialized training, to things for the more adventurous, (case in point, San Francisco’s Workshop’s Heavy Metal Aerobics. Beer and fitness you say? Yup, that’s happening).

What I realized was in order to differentiate my project and its hypothetical place among these fitness programs, I didn’t want to hide from the fact that its about dance, I needed to embrace it! Born of the lovely 3am creative dream baby, Dance Good. A title that tells you dance is good, a title that wants you to dance good (and hopefully better).

Once the need for a title change was established, quickly followed new explorations for a visual language, which is the stage I am still in. But in the meantime, in the beginning stages of these explorations I was able to create a motion graphics short as part of my course work this semester. In this video you see the beginnings of me looking at dance (more importantly, the body it exists in), through a geometric and even, architectural lens. Admittedly this piece is highly stylized (I got really excited about the prospect of using neon colors and geometrics—and yes, I’m a child of the 80s—I figure indulging my inner neon-scrunch sock layering, LA Gear sportn’, side pony-tale swinging, self every once in a while can’t do nobody no harm!) but it was a fun was to flush out some of the initial ideas that is already leading me to some more meaty stuff.

I hope you enjoy my Dance Good video, the goal of which is to highlight the benefits of dance in a fun and up-beat way.

Dance Good is a thesis project that hopes to make dance more accessible to adults by creating a graphic language that will both enhance the experience of dance as well as training. And stay tuned as I continue to evolve this project, (this blog, being one of the first on my list, woot!)


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